The Vintilator has some top features that help you to get the best out of your wine, in the shortest amount of time. If you have ever wondered about what they are for? Then read on below and find out.

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The Wine Delivery System

When the wine is poured and leaves the bottle, air has to be introduced into the bottle to replace the departing wine otherwise a vacuum will develop. If this happens, the wine will not pour.

In order to prevent that vacuum from happening, there is a small output hole originating from the air intake system hole 2 to put air into the bottle. See image 2 to see the air intake hole 2.


wine intake hole

Image 1


The Air Intake System

When the wine is poured, it flows through the center of the aerator and passes by the air intake hole 1. Air is introduced as it gets sucked into the wine’s flow.

The air intake hole 2 introduces air into the bottle to replace the wine. See image 1 to see the small output hole.

air intake holes

Image 2

The “V” Notch Spout

The outlet of the pouring spout has a notch grooved into it in the shape of a “V”. The main purpose of this feature is to concentrate the flow of the wine into a narrower stream without any wayward splashes, meaning more accurate pouring.

the v notch

The Splash Guard

Occasionally, when the air gets sucked into the air intake hole and oxygenates the wine, a splash of wine may occur through the hole. In order to prevent any of these infrequent spatters from going onto white table cloths, for example, a splash guard is fitted for the task.

The guard can be removed by twisting it off for the purpose of rinsing the wine from the aerator when cleaning after use.

splash guard

The Ridged Silicone Connector

The connector, which is made out of food grade silicone, that attaches into the neck of the bottle is tapered in shape so that it will fit into many different sizes of bottle necks.

It has little ridges on to give it an even more secure fit and prevent any wine from dripping out.

ridged silicone connector

Anti-Drip Shield

In the unlikely event that wine manages to seep past the inserted silicone connector, the anti-drip shield is there to stop any of the wine from dripping out.

anti drip shield

The Base / Stand

In order to prevent the aerator from being damaged, in a drawer, for example, the base, or stand, is where you place the aerator when it is not in use. The aerator simply clicks into it and is held secure, and it easily pulls out.

base stand


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The Features of the Vintilator Wine Aerator
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