If you are looking to purchase a wine aerator, it will be worth your while taking time to find out which one best suits your needs. You will need to think about how much money you have to spend, check out the various types on the market and read up on a few reviews. By doing your due diligence, you should be able to discover which one that fits your budget and works best for you.

Most people know about the traditional methods of aerating wine or letting it breathe. The most basic way is to simply open up the bottle and leave wine exposed to the air for an hour or two. It isn’t a particularly effective way of aerating the wine and it isn’t very convenient because if you have forgotten to open it, well you either need to wait or you drink it without aeration.

A wine aerator alleviates the need for you to open the bottle in advance to let the wine breathe. All you do is open the bottle and pour thru the aerator and your wine will be aerated in real time. As the wine gets poured thru the aerator, air gets sucked thru tiny holes and is mixed with the wine which releases many of the aromas and reduces the harshness by evaporating compounds such as tannins.

Wine aerators are available in many different models and sizes. There are ones that have a chilling element attached which keeps the wine cold. There are small ones that can be taken away on vacation or when traveling. There are ones that direct the wine to the inside of the glass for extra aeration.

One of the most favored types is the one which fits into the neck of the bottle. The reason for their popularity is firstly, they work exceptionally well. Secondly, they are very convenient because they all your other hand free to hold the glass so you can direct the wine onto the inside of the glass for extra aeration. They can be small and therefore can be packed into a traveling bag with no problem. Because they fit tightly into the bottle and because they have a splash guard, very little wine will escape or spill.

A second type is one where it is held in your hand and wine is poured into it from above. The work well but you can’t direct the wine as you can with the attached version. You can purchase these that come with a stand but you will start to pay more for these. They can drip wine when they are removed from above the glass.

Similar to the version above, there are ones that sit atop the glass and wine is poured thru. These have openings that let the wine flow out onto the inside of the glass, releasing more aromas and flavors. Once again, when they are removed from the glass, they can drip some wine.

Wine aerators are predominantly fabricated from three basic materials. Those are glass, plastic (acrylic), and metal. They all work well but some may be chosen because they look pleasing to the eye. Plastic aerators may be more suitable to take away when traveling.

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Which Is The Right Wine Aerator?
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