What’s your wine aerator story?

Not far away in a kitchen just like yours, sitting on a spotless granite worktop is a wine aerator, strategically placed, for rapid deployment and to marvel at, situated in front of the Misono kitchen knives. The majestic Vintilator Wine Aerator, its cool black base proudly supporting it aloft like a glistening shard of crystal.

A bottle of Sutter Home Merlot awaits, primed for the fireworks yet to come. One greedy, clammy hand reaches out towards the Vintilator, its owner admiring the aerator’s fine lines. The brink of temptation beyond endurance for the host, for the knowledge of what is about to transpire is almost too much….

Wine lover’s heaven.

Looking for the perfect wine aerator? Then your search is over.


Our wine aerators have many benefits going for them. First and foremost, they work well. You can see the wine being aerated as you pour. The two holes in the top of the aerator draw in the air as the wine passes through.

Wine Aerator Air Intake System
Air Intake System

This process means that a lot of the surface of the wine comes into contact with the air, releasing aromas, and evaporating some of the compounds such as tannins, that make the wine slightly harsh to drink.

They are very easy to clean. Simply rinse under the faucet for a few seconds and leave to dry.

Aerator Base
Aerator Base

Vintilators come with a base. This allows you to keep the aerator away from all of your other kitchen utensils meaning it won’t get damaged. Additionally, it is always at hand within easy reach and can be enjoyed visually.

They are small enough to take away with you, on vacation, traveling or just visiting friends.

Our wine aerators come with two bonus items. One is a foil cutter for when you purchase a bottle of wine that generally has a cork and you need to cut the foil around the top. The other is a vacuum bottle stopper for when you don’t want to drink any more wine for the day. Instead of fitting the cork back in or screwing the cap back on, push in the stopper and pull up the plunger to create a slight vacuum. This will mean you wine will keep fresher for longer.

Bonus Cutter and Stopper
Bonus Cutter and Stopper

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Why should you purchase a wine aerator?

Because they aerate your wine in instantly. Check out our reviews here

Traditionally, there are three ways in which people aerate their wine, or let it breathe. Check out this great article on decanting wine. The one that most people associate with letting the wine breathe is simply opening the bottle for a couple of hours. There are two problems with this method. The first issue is that you have to remember a couple of hours before consuming the wine to open up the bottle. If you forget, then you will either have to drink the wine straight from the bottle, unaerated, or use another method to aerate it. The second issue is that this method doesn’t really work. As I stated above, air needs to be in contact with the wine for it to breathe and if you think about it, how much of the wine’s surface is in contact with the air within the neck of the bottle? Hardly any.

Another popular method of aerating the wine is to decant it into another container such as a carafe, decanter or a flower vase! This method does actually work to an extent. The reason is that –

  • As the wine is decanted, more air comes into contact with the wine as it poured into the carafe.
  • As the wine is poured, it can be directed onto the inside surface of the carafe, revealing more of the wine to the air.
  • The surface area of the wine in the carafe is larger than the neck of a bottle.

The drawback is that once again, you have to think about decanting in advance and also you need to get the carafe out and wash it and put it back. It all takes time, nothing major but a slight inconvenience.

The third method is to simply swirl the wine around in the glass. This is a quick way. It is less effective than decanting but better than just opening the bottle for a couple of hours. The problems being that if you are too enthusiastic spillages can occur, particularly after you have had a few glasses already. It is best just to place the glass on a flat surface and swirl rather than hold and swirl.

We come to the Vintilator method. Think about the problems that you face with the other ways.

  • Preparation – You need to open the bottle or decant in advance of drinking. Vintilator aerates the wine instantly, so no preparation required.
  • Cleaning up – Decanting means having to wash the carafe. Vintilator rinses out in a few seconds.
  • Spillages – Swirling and decanting can mean spillages. The Vintilator has an airtight seal into the neck of the bottle, plus a splash guard.
  • Performance – Our wine aerators aerate the wine as well as, and better than the other methods.

Wine Aerator Features

Features of Vintilator Wine Aerator
Features of Vintilator Wine Aerator

Our aerators are available only in the US and only on Amazon.com. If you would like to order one, please check out our product page right here – Vintilator wine aerators on Amazon.

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